Wishlist for 2013

5:14 PM

My Wishlist for 2013

I know this is a bit late tho but who cares haha. Well here it is:

  1. Skort from Zara or inspired ones. I haven't seen like this in our city but hoping to find it somewhere. I love this skort because it could be paired with some cute sweaters and buggy shirts. I will really where this all the time if I have one already. I really want this to death.
  2. Leather shorts. This is one of my aim to buy this leather shorts. I saw it somewhere in WAGW. I guess it could be paired with anything and it's so cute.
  3. Crop tops from American Apparel. We've come to this at last. I really don't know why I want to have this considering that I really don't wear crop tops so much but I think it could be paired with anything and so fab. 
  4.  Jeffrey Campbell's cut-out boots. I want this boots in my life!!! And someone should get me one hehe. I think it's really fab to be paired it with some skinny jeans, skater dress and anything. Ughh seriously someone buy me one. 
    I guess this is all that I want this year. And I'm hoping that someone could get me these in my birthday hehe. I mean someone could help me get these because these are to die for
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XX, Jenice

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