Realizations at 16

10:07 PM

Every day in our life is a chance to live, to change something for the better, to serve others, to bring joy and to love one another. Eventually, we grow as an individual who conquers every fear and learn from the mistakes we do.
  • I learned that in every situation I am put into made me strong in different ways. I always tell myself to never panic in every situation because it's part of growing up and it will mold me to a person I want to be. 
  • In every problem you face, try not to complain "why me?" but instead "try me".
  • Whatever problem you have right now, big or small that will pass. Problems are temporary. It will only test you in how you react in good or bad situations. 
  • Every day is a brand new day. A new chance of living and serving others.
  • Give the best that you could give at everything you do and work hard on your goals because it will never come to you freely, you have to work hard for it.
  • Health over grades. Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. Grades are not a basis of what a person is. Always listen to your body.
  • Perspective is important. How you see things and process it positively will make a change on your life. Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason and every struggle you are into now is just for you to be stronger in life.
  • Surround yourself  with the people who makes you comfortable with yourself. Find the right people who accepts you for who you are and motivates you to be a better person. 
  • Always believe in yourself. It's time to step out on your comfort zone and see what you can do.
  • Don't miss an opportunity to learn. Learning is very helpful to know yourself more because that is how you discover the things inside you. Learning is not only done at school but to every challenges you put yourself into, you keep learning and discovering what life is.
  • Do what you can do today. Don't wait until tomorrow. I swear it will never happen.
  • Do more of what makes you happy. The more happy you feel in what you do, the more confidence that will build up on yourself. You'll feel more alive and excited in everything.
  • Never judge. Never judge a person who just got out of jail for a crime that he never commit. Never judge a person who always fail in a test paper. Don't judge a person who overreacts things. Just don't judge.
  • Learn to love yourself. Embrace your flaws. You will never learn to love others if you don't love yourself first. You should embrace the person you've created and love what God had blessed you with. Use it for good and share it to others.
  •  See the good in people. There's always a good side in every person no matter how bad he/she is. There's still good that is present and waiting for it to be discovered.
  • Offer everything you do to God. 

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