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10:27 PM

Currently finding myself again. Lately, I've been so lazy waking up, going out and even buffering an episode of my favorite TV show. I enjoy doing nothing and I know I've been wasting my entire semestral break doing nothing. But it is not actually wasting time, it is taking time slowly because you missed it. It is so unusual of me. But it seems like I understand and know myself even more. 

Even doing nothing you get to know yourself even more. It it important to a person to know himself because in that way you'll accept yourself for being you and what other people say to you won't matter anymore because you know yourself better. It is one of the things that I struggled for the past years when I wasn't sure of myself but then I tried new things, said yes to a lot of things and no to the next time, going to different places, broke rules, listened to my friends and especially to my parents, a lot of trials and errors and until now I'm still finding, digging deeper into my soul. It's not easy. It's not going to be easy. 

It is not only finding yourself, it is also creating and discovering your interests. It will excite you to dig deeper.
PS I apologize for posting super late posts. I'll make it up with you guys! 
XX, Jenice.

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