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10:48 AM

 Cheers to the start of the year! I hope everyone had a great time with the holiday season because its a great way to start the year smiling :) Coming posts are throwback outfits since I didn't get to write about it last December because it was so busy. Few of you already saw this outfit but I blog it anyway. Anyways, this whole outfit was a great combo if you're having a day with your friends or strolling around the city.

What I wore // top: online shop and it was ages ago, I can't remember already | bottom: same goes with the top, it was from an online shop | bag: Duty free | Slip-ons: @ihw_online in instagram | Shades: @chicfashionart in instagram

I've got a lot of plans for 2015 and I will separate a post about it. All the goals and affirmations will be there. Stay tune!

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