13 things I need to start doing

10:28 PM

  1. Watch as the sun rises and as the sun sets. It is one of those little things that will make you appreciate more life. For me, it means that even though you had a rough day the other day there will always be a brand new day each day to face life with hope.
  2. Think before you speak. Words are powerful and can be a great impact to someone.You might not now how your words will hit on someone's mind. Choose your words well and use 'kind' words more often and you'll receive more smiles from people than you could imagine.
  3. Make your day always a good one. You might not get to choose what might be happening next on your life but you could always choose how you see things of a certain situation and always think that there's always a reason for some things happening. Be positive!
  4. Surround yourself with the people who encourage you to do the things that you love and stay away from people who belittle your dreams. 
  5. Fall in love. Not literally to someone, but anything. You can fall in love with your favorite sport, or a thing that someone gave you or simply anything that you love.
  6. Turn off those gadgets. Sometimes, technology is not always a good thing although it makes our life easier and convenient. Technology deprived us from experiencing the real world. Some of you might not see it but try to go outside with just nature and you and see the difference. We make technology as an escape from what's really happening. But you can't always escape everything. We have to live our life out.
  7. Make a list that you haven't done yet and do it.
  8. Listen more to people who correct you for the wrong things that you do. They're the ones who care.
  9. Learn to understand people because we are all different to one another. We come from different fate and mission in this world. Therefore, we should not judge one another for a mistake.
  10. Smile more and more and more.
  11. Learn to love the little things in you. Whether the color of your skin, your smell, your laugh, your smile or anything. They're all lovely,
  12. Don't let other people control your life. Of course, its your life to live and you have the right to do what you want to do and don't do what other people pressuring you to do with your life.
  13. Appreciate what you have right now. Especially to the loved ones who are still with you right now. We do not get to choose our fate and when that time comes it might be too late to appreciate things.


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