How to: Find Your Own Style

8:54 PM

Before anything else, what you should always try to dress up is something you should feel good about yourself and not for the sake of other people's view. Don't care of what people will think about you, focus on what makes you and what makes you feel good.

Dressing up for me is a form of expression. It is through it that we express how we feel and making ourselves comfortable with what we wear. It is not connected with art for no reason. Everyone of us is entitled to be unique in our own ways and somehow fashion makes it more visible since we dress to express.

I want to make this post with my opinions and ideas regarding with the title because some people simply go with the trend and I'm not against anyone who does that. With all these social media sites, I'm pretty sure people are going after for that item that their icons have purchased the other day. The thing is, trend is seasonable and it can disappear for a couple of months or so.

Finding your own style is like experimenting on new products and use more on those that really worked on you. You also allow yourself to be more open to new things and never get tired in trying something new.

1. Find inspiration. It can be on your favorite idols, music, things or generally what you love.

2. Try to experiment. From bohemian to monochrome, from minimalist to lolita style or anything that you love trying. Don't be afraid to experiment on clothes. Mix and match until you find the formula.

3. Be open minded. Open-mindedness lead you to a lot of possibilities.

4. How people look at you doesn't matter but how you look at yourself does.

5. Understand your style. If you have figured it out already, try to step out to your comfort zone and explore more on it. Never stop exploring.

6. Style doesn't have to be expensive. Stick to your hidden agenda on thrift shops. Just be resourceful on what you have.

7. "Know what you love and embrace it". This statement is also applicable to few things not only to fashion but on what you want to pursue in life.

8. Be genuine and true to yourself. You gotta know what works for you and enjoy doing. You have to learn to love yourself, accept every flaw you have, improve what is needed to be improved and don't stop exploring on the things you get crazy with.

XX, Jenice.

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