Polo X Joggers

3:47 PM

Even in this heat, I still managed to wear jogger pants because why not? It is I guess 1 of the staples that is effortless in making you feel comfortable any type of day you have. Pairing it with this classic white polo, that I harbored from my sister's closet but she gave it to me anyway, for a minimalist touch. 

the heat is giving me headache
 Been wanting to cut my hair this short for a long time and finally had the courage to chop it off and it feels so good and light. I think I'm obsessed with it. I suggest you do the same thing as well, not to chop off your hair but something you really want to do for a long time. If you really want something to happen you have to make no excuses and gather all the courage you have and just do it.

Jogger pants: Forever 21 | Creepers: People Are People | Bag: Laura Scott

XX, Jenice.

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