Looks: Cool weather makes me

10:18 PM

Back to the gloomy weather and I opted to wear over-sized sweaters to keep me warm. Layering it with some leather shorts and paired it with a pair of booties for an edge. 

I love cool weather as much as I love warm weather you feel me? I love waking up to a cool breeze and just want to lay around with some socks, over-sized shirt, a cup of tea and a book but I also love to wake up with a sun shining down on your window and sip some cold lemon water to start with. What I meant by this is that, you have to embrace whatever type of day you will have. It's always unusual but you have to befriend every day of your life, whether it's Monday or Friday, you have to. Life is short for complaining every day of your life. Why not start living and learn to appreciate the worst and best days of your life. 

Hope you love this post and see you on my next post! XX, Jenice.

Photos by Dawn Dela Torre

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