Looks: Denim Pride

9:32 PM

The last few weeks when I'm so busy with catching up with a lot of school stuffs to pass, a lot of things cross into my mind as to how I could manage everything back into my life without affecting my grades. But then, if you really want a certain thing, do, work and give time for it. You have to risk and learn to manage your time wisely and to be honest that is one thing I struggled about, making time for everything and keeping everything balanced as possible. Anyways, this is an outfit post and I'm talking not related to it. I'll try something different next time!

When you want to be so laid back and you've got a short time to dress up, an over-sized denim jacket, grey plain top, trustee sneakers and a cap might save your day. I love love love denim so much since it never gets old and it is so versatile, it can be paired almost anything you can think of.

Denim Jacket: cousins' | top: thrift | shorts: Y.R.Y.S. | sneakers: So! Fab | necklace: Metro | cap: Daiso

Hope you like this post and stay tuned for more!

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