Looks | Let's talk about shorts, maybe?

10:48 PM

We, Filipinos especially the teenagers are fond of wearing shorts. It's because of the hot weather we have. It's a matter of how we style shorts, we stand-out. Because I believe everyone has style, everyone has different style and it's because we think differently and that makes us unique. You create art in every outfit you pull off. Check out strucklabel on instagram for this amazing distressed high waist shorts. And by the way people, Please like and view our trailer. A simple click and view would mean a lot to all of us. I know this is annoying asking for likes but I would really risk it just for our grades.

LINKS: youtube // facebook

What I wore // bralette and denim jacket: vintage | tote bag: breakthetrend on instagram | shorts: strucklabel on instagram 

with my friend Dawn :)

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