Looks | Black out, lace out

8:45 PM

Last few weeks were busy because of school stuffs and still up to now. I guess a little blog post won't ruin my grades right? But anyway, I have to give everything at school a good shot because its my last year in high school and its hard balancing time and prioritizing between school, friends, family, yourself, sleep, and your hobbies. And It's one thing I learned for the past couple of weeks to keep myself less stress and still do the things that I love to do.

I would also like to tell some people who are really stressed out because of school, to please take good care of yourself. Have some time for yourself even 10 minutes of your day just listening to music or do the things that keep you calm. Don't miss a chance to know yourself more. Always remember that you are not your grades. What I mean is what is important is that you have values and values are not found in your report cards, it's found within yourself. 

Anyways, I had a quickie ootd for this Sunday. Hope everyone had a lovely day!

 What I wore// top: felicity.ph on instagram | skirt: online shop I forgot | shades: Sunnies Studios | shoes: ihw_online on instagram

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