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I've been asked a couple of times what is my diet, routine everyday. how my family supported me in my lifestyle, why I changed my lifestyle and a lot more about my lifestyle.

I know that some of you might think the other way of me to live life and eat everything you can because life is short and I am not saying that I'm against your perspective. This post is just to tell people how I lived since I get a lot of questions because right I'm young and I'm already a health conscious.

I have a different perspective in life and that is to live life simply by nourishing my body and soul with positive mindset and a healthy lifestyle. I must say that changing my lifestyle did not only change my body to be strong and healthy but also to the way I think.

Being healthy gives you a lot of possibilities to discover more in life because you feel alive and happy. It always make me excited to start the day and end the day with contentment because life is all about perspective. Its how you see things with positivity. Even when there are bad things happening (because it always does), you will only see the bright side of it.

So, here are some FAQS I get a lot:

  1. What is your lifestyle? 

               - wholefood lifestyle meaning I only meat fresh and raw vegetables but for me I still eat chicken and fish I'm still not ready to engage my diet into no meat of any animal products. So, its not still 'wholefood lifestyle'. I don't eat processed foods like canned goods, noodles, fast foods and etc., and few of refined products like white bread, white sugar and etc. It's basically a diet that is natural and mostly plant based.

    2.  Who inspired you to have the lifestyle you have now?

               - To be honest, mostly because of Tumblr and Instagram. I've been following health and fitness blogs and I gave it a try and it turns out pretty well though results doesn't show in one day but its all worth it. I also read and study articles about it because its not a play-play to give everything a go without studying about something. It might not be good for you so you have to study for it. Check out sjanaelise and essenaoneill, I adore them so much.

    3.  What do you do in a day?

             - Funny how I also receive questions like this but I appreciate it though. Before every day, at night I always do a to-do list so that I won't forget a single thing to do on that day. I'm the type of person who likes being productive everyday because it gives me contentment that I did something on that day and not wasting an hour of it. So, I usually wake up at 4:30 AM in class days because I cook my own breakfast, work-out for 15-25 minutes, and then take a bath. It always take me 1 hour and a half to prepare myself and be ready for school. While on days with no class, I wake up at 5-7 AM depending on how tired I am. And then do the usual things like on class days. And 3-4 nights a week, I do yoga.

   4.  Does your family support you in your lifestyle?

             - There was that time that they question me with my lifestyle and they've been telling me bad things about my diet and that I think is one of the struggles in my life to be honest because you, yourself want to be someone you want to be but some people try to pull you off it. But because I think they found out that my diet is okay and gave me a lot of advantages, they supported me with it and I'm very much thankful for God that he heard my prayers because I think all of us wanted to be accepted as to what we are and all of us have the right to live as to how we please. I'm also thankful for my parents and everyone in the family, for the support and how my mother and sister prepares lunch and dinner for me. And to all the people who I'm close with that they understand me. In the first months, it was hard adjusting in my lifestyle since I'm the only one in my family who is having this lifestyle as time comes by it was already a routine to us to have other meals for me and always give me alternatives as to what I eat. I'm really grateful for having my family with me in my journey.

  5.  What makes you decide to do yoga?

              - I've always dreamt of becoming tall though its really impossible when its already in your genes but I tried it anyway and see how it goes. I searched for possible ways on how to be taller naturally and there is yoga haha and so I tried it. It went good. It made me strong and yes, I grew a bit, at least.

  I know this is not a complete as to what my lifestyle is all about. I will try to share more about my lifestyle. For now, I'll have this one for you guys. Thank you for your time and effort reading this post.

XX, Jenice

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