Looks | White on Valentine's

10:26 PM

I don't want to be bitter and wear black last Valentine's day so I wore white instead because Valentine's day is not only celebrated with a partner who is special to you but can also be someone who is important to you and that is my mother and family. Some people gets excited of the thought of Valentine's because they will receive chocolates and flowers or surprises. But to me, Valentine's is not only limited to people who are in love with someone. It is free to all. Because when we talk of Valentine's its all about love and friendship. And that includes your family, friends or whomever it could be. 

What I wore // top: @ripplesbyjenny at instagram | skort: online shop (i forgot soz) | bag: Topshop | mandals: @birktionary at instagram | chains: Metro | sunnies: Sunnies Studios

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day!

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