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1. We all look up to money now. I know this is the most common people have to say in our society now but I want to extend my opinions about this. I want to actually let them know that money can’t buy authentic happiness and what I mean with authentic happiness is that the happiness that comes within our hearts (ex. The act of helping other people, showing affection towards others, making others happy, uplifting someone’s spirit, simple and little joys and spreading love and positive vibes etc.)

I feel like making this post won’t seem relevant to others because we dwell with the quote “You only live once” and I’m not also telling people what to do with their lives because its your own life. I’m only here typing this post to make some people open their eyes to the world that he is facing right now and to look deeper as to what life has to offer.
“You only live once” right, a perfect statement to those people who loves to enjoy their lives without limits and thats okay but we also have to take a look within ourselves if we have done right for ourselves.
Society is blinded with temporary happiness. We aim for an instant remedy to our sadness that we feel and take the road of an escape. That I think is the problem in our world today, just because money can give what you want in a click of a button can make your day a lot better but not as better as real happiness that can be unlocked if you change your perspective in life, if you choose to dwell with the positive and ignore the negativity.
It’s just sad to see people working so hard but never aim to see the beauty of the world we live in. There’s nothing wrong with working so hard. What makes it wrong is that when they look at life as a place for competition between wealth and power. And unfortunately it is what I see in the world today.
This world needs a change in perspective and I want to take part of that change. Change should start within ourselves first. We don’t need someone to tell us what to do, we should take part of it because we care.
2. You can’t please everyone. Everybody has his/her own opinion about you. Whether it is negative or positive. Choose to be you and don’t let yourself feel down when someone doesn’t like you because mind you it happens to all people. We are uniquely made and that I think is our own strength.
3. Never choose the shortcuts. Whether it is literally a road or diets or a way of living. Always opt for the journey itself. It is one of the things that life will surely hit and teach you most. Don’t take this long journeys for granted.
4. Making yourself healthy and choosing what is best for your body is not a limitation to a happier. It does make you happier and vibrant.
5. Stand for what you believe is right or wrong. You have the total freedom to make a stand and fight for what you believe in. But also try to be open-minded for possibilities.
6. Value what you have right now. It could be the blessings you receive, the food that is right in front of you, your friends and family. These things should never be taken for granted. Always be thankful for what you have.
7. If you have someone that you value who is not feeling okay, comfort him/her. I don’t care if you’ve got loads of things to do, just go and be by his/her side. He/she needs someone, be that someone.
8. Do what you love. Do well in school but also don’t forget that you have a passion that uplifts your spirit, share it with other people.
9. Listen to your parents. Even if you feel so irritated with the long sermons sometimes, your parents have points and they have lived 2-4 decades before us. They’ve been through a long journey than us.
10. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Do what you can do now. Stop wishing for good things to happen and start doing what you are supposed to do to let these good things happen.
More of 10 things soon! XX, Jenice

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