Looks: Sophrosyne

8:30 PM

Sophrosyne (n.) 
a healthy state of mind, characterized, by self-control, moderation, and a deep awareness of one's true self, and resulting in true happiness.

What I've learned and woke me this past few days, is to listen to your gut feelings. You'll really know why you have to feel that way after and you'll end up thinking why I didn't listen to my guts. Everything happens for a reason and probably learning to accept what is happening and going with the flow in life is the key to simple life. We are the ones who complicate things. Even though how hard life hit you, what matters is how you handle that thing and push yourself to be better and that everything will  be okay. Just think how these problems in your life will change you and make you stronger. It doesn't stop there. You'll see light in everything.

How you see life positively is important because it will help you look beyond your problems and a problem will never be a problem since you will see it as a motivator to reach your goals. I always admire people who are these kind of people who see life positively and these people are  the ones who are happy for who they are and accept the flaws they have. I'm still not yet there but I'm going there someday in my life. I want to be sophrosyne. Anyways, here is a quick outfit post:

Top: @shoproua in instagram | shorts: online shop | Cardigan: thrift | bag: Laura Scott | sandals: Penshoppe | bullcap: souvenir from New Zealand

Until next blog post! XX, Jenice.

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