Looks | Patterned Polo

5:30 PM

Since when was the last time I posted an outfit post? Anyways, before another storm come in a week, a blog post might keep the tense. I've been clogged up with a lot of things lately that detached me from social media for a couple of weeks. Being away from social medias was a getting to know stage of myself for me. It opened a lot of possibilities knowing myself even more and a time away from negativity from posts I see while scrolling up and down. 

It may sound a little of a challenge to stay away from these platforms but it is an amazing feeling to just feel yourself living without a hint of a post from time to time. Hence, being away from social medias made me love the actual life and a therapeutic experience from time to time. 

While semestral break can be pretty boring, my friend and I decided to do few photo walking.

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