10:01 PM

 With the title itself, it means neat and elegant. Off-shoulders are in during the summer season, especially with the hot weather and you really want to let your skin breathe. And to add a shape on my outfit, I paired it with my asymmetrical skort.

Shades, Chic Fashion Art in instagram

Top, gift from my Aunt. Bottom, online shop (i forgot sorry). Blings, vintage.

Mandals, birktionary in instagram.

with my best friend, Guadelyn Delfino
I'm so glad that my best friend finally realized that she needs/wants to try blogging. It's actually hard to do something that you like on your own but now that both of us are into it, I'm more motivated to do so, to continue what I started and to pursue what I love. PS, I didn't convinced her to follow me she only wants to try something different out of her comfort zone. And I'm glad she did. Take a look at her blog.

XX, Jenice.

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