What I eat in a day

12:00 PM

Yes, I love food but not the kind of food you are thinking. I am in love with the kind of lifestyle I have right now, nourishing the body with fresh and healthy food, being active in doing some yoga and working out daily. Everything goes into cycle every single day. 

You might think I’m too young for this but there is no such thing as too young in making yourself better and choosing what is best for you. Invest on yourself more because you are important and you matter. Everyone should feel that way. That everyone is entitled of something and every single person matter. We should take care of ourselves because we are given this wonderful opportunity to live with the abundance of life.

So you might be wondering what do I eat in a day?  Hmmm, here’s a usual day to me.

To start my day, I drink 1 glass of fresh calamansi juice before eating my breakfast to detoxify my body and I wait for 30 minutes before I eat my breakfast. What I do in 30 minutes, is to make my breakfast. I usually go for gluten-free pancakes with lots of bananas and yogurt or overnight oats or PB & banana toast or the simple oatmeal recipe (oats, banana, cinnamon, PB and sometimes I add an egg) and here's what I got today.


What I have for breakfast is oatmeal with some bananas and yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon and a fresh calamansi juice to detoxify my body. Breakfast ideas will be up soon!


Usually, when I'm done eating my breakfast. I do some workouts and yoga. So, I get hungry after getting some sweat. My post-workout snack is apple and a mint tea. You have to eat something especially with good carb+protein snack after working out to enhance growth and repair on the muscles. 


I just go for some toasted whole wheat bread with organic spread and egg. I'm obsessed with organic spreads I have now, the Honey spread and Malunggay spread which is surprisingly tasty and yummy! My mother got it from Bohol Bee farm. It is actually filling and can last me for dinner.


I don't actually get hungry during the afternoon. I think it's because of what I eat on the last meal that made me full. So, I only grab a handful of nuts while doing something that made me busy during the afternoon. 


I love the fresh Chinese lumpia that is found in grocery stores. It is filled with nuts, carrots and a lot more vegetables inside the wrap. It is healthy and absolutely delicious. It is my favorite go-to lunch/dinner when I'm rushing and my savior when I go to malls and I don't know what to eat haha yes, it is hard to find healthy options everywhere. 

There you have it! A glimpse of what I eat in a day though it is not what I eat always. It is what I have today. It's good to have a variety of food to eat everyday because you cannot consume all the nutrients and minerals you need for your body in a day. A variety of colorful meal is important! And always always ask yourself before eating, is this good for my body or I'm just simply eating and just absorb all that destroys my body? Thank you for reaching this far of the post!

XX, Jenice

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